A man’s shed has, for generations, been a place for him to escape the stress and strains of life; a safe haven to gain much needed sanity; to be surrounded by his own useful things; a place to think; to make things; to mend things; to invent…..and men the world over have done this largely on their own.

Men’s Sheds is a new way for men to pursue their interests, develop new ones, belong to a unique group, feel useful, fulfilled and have a sense of belonging….the Men’s Shed movement has arrived in Wales.

A Men’s Shed is a safe and nurturing environment where Men, who have time on their hands for whichever reason, can go to work on projects and activities which interest them. Men’s Sheds welcome everyone who have time on their hands whether that’s due to unemployment, retirement, bereavement, disability or simply if someone’s new to an area and are looking for ways of finding out about what’s going on within a community. We’re here to help get sheds up and running in communities such as yours, all across Wales.


You can do anything within a shed – the choice of which activities to undertake is completely down to the shed members. Whilst many sheds work on woodworking or ‘hands-on’ projects, many sheds also work on other activities such as gardening, baking, model making, radio or arts based projects. The choice is entirely down to shed members – the one essential common strand being that the shed and its activities helps get people together for a chat and to meet new friends. The most important piece of equipment in each shed is always the kettle!

The Men’s Sheds movement is very successful in other parts of the world (such as Ireland and Australia) and we think that a thriving network of sheds can be established in Wales. Our project is here to help promote the concept and to help form and support local ‘action groups’ which can lead to sheds being created.

If you, or someone you know is interested in joining your local shed, you simply need you to get in touch. We can help to find your nearest shed or, if there isn’t a shed nearby, can help link you with other people in your area who we’re working with to create a shed.

Men’s Sheds Cymru is a Big Lottery funded project to promote the development of new Men’s Sheds across Wales and to help existing Men’s Sheds achieve their full potential. The Men’s Sheds Cymru is a project promoted and managed by Hafan Cymru.