1. We are a community gardening group named Cyfarthfa Gardening Group based at Cyfarthfa Greenhouses, Merthyr Tydfil. We grow by the hydroponic system. We have a open door membership policy with restricted numbers owing to the size of our greenhouse. We have 24 members with a membership fee of £25 each. We are in need of funding to continue.It is open Monday to Friday but the majority meet all year round on Tuesday and |Friday morning.

  2. Hello Leighton, not sure if it will help but Tesco have a scheme called “Bags of Help” where you can apply for I think up to £4000…check out the info on it here:

    there are lots of others sources out there, you might be able to get advice from your local CVC, I think yours is:

    I’ve not been down your end for many years, but there was a very impressive group called the gellideg foundation, run by some very proactive ladies, if its still going they might be someone to try and link with?

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