A message from Clydach, Swansea Feb 2020

Hi Shedders,

I can’t keep up with the excitement at the Shed, every week something seems to be happening.

Friday morning the container from Parker Plant, Llanelli arrived and several of us were at the Shed super early, mainly because we knew the delivery might cause chaos with the roadworks and we didn’t want to miss that ha ha. The day before I was thinking of the possible disruption we were going to cause so in my head I was preparing to wear a high viz jacket and direct traffic.   I needn’t have worried because Young Bros, who are working on Mond Corner, helped us out and did the traffic management on our behalf.  They were superb and I cannot thank them enough.  The boys form Parker Plant operated the crane and lifted the two tonne container off the lorry and onto the hardstanding as if it was a corgi toy, we were all impressed.

After the excitement we retired to the Shed for a celebratory tea/coffee and cake, there was a party atmosphere going on which was infectious because before we could say “hooray” the Shed was full, it really was.  It wouldn’t have surprised me if everyone had started dancing, that was how good it felt.  Thank you Shedders.

What will this week bring?  Well, Swansea Bay TV ‘phoned tonight and they are coming Wednesday at 11am to film us in action.  The recorded programme will be on at 6pm Channel 8 Wednesday evening. The excitement never stops at Men’s Shed Clydach.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, the kettles will be whistling.