Why have a constitution?

Without a written understanding, people may become confused and things may not get done;

It will act as a point of reference and help resolve any problems or controversy that may arise;

It reassures the public and funding bodies that your group is properly run and that money is effectively managed;

It illustrates that your group is democratic and accountable, with clear methods by which decisions are made;

You will need a constitution in order to open a bank account.

Sample constitutions

Below are sample documents we will email to you.  Please submit your request on our Contact Us page. You are free to use the Men’s Sheds Cymru constitution and adapt it to your own needs and specific circumstances. We advise you to contact our Regional Advocates to discuss any changes so that we can help ensure your adopted constitution meets your needs.

Ferryside Men’s Shed have kindly agreed to share their constitution but ask that you acknowledge the use of their documents in the constitution you create.

Men’s Sheds Cymru model constitution

Ferryside constitution

Ferryside general rules

Ferryside code of conduct

Ferryside grievance procedure