Housing Associations


Men’s Sheds Cymru recognises that Housing Associations in Wales may wish to help establish Men’s Sheds as part of their own tenancy support, tenancy sustainment, community involvement and regeneration work. This could lead to the need for a structured approach to creation of a group as opposed to an organically developed group created by the enthusiasm of one or a few individuals.

Men’s Sheds Cymru, a project managed by Hafan Cymru, welcomes the opportunity to work with Housing Associations in the development of new Men’s Sheds. We can offer:

  • Meeting with Housing Association staff to explain the history, concept and explore & develop initial ideas
  • Visits to established men’s groups to demonstrate worth and activities of Men’s Sheds
  • Access to the network of men’s sheds in Wales
  • Assistance with third party funding to help create autonomous men’s groups
  • Attend meetings to support tenant interest and focus groups
  • Administrative support to help tenants create their own  Men’s Shed
  • Ongoing access & involvement with the national association of Men’s Sheds in Wales

If you would like to arrange an initial meeting please contact Frederick Hottinger, Project Coordinator.