Getting Started

Often the most difficult subject but the one which Men’s Sheds Cymru is here to help you overcome. You need an idea and plenty of enthusiasm. We can guide you using our experience of promoting and developing Men’s Sheds. It is really clear that no two sheds form in the same way. There is no blueprint or handbook for creating Men’s Sheds. Just some creativity and looking for opportunities. No need to launch straight into agreements, constitutions or any technicalities. We can guide through them at the right time.

If you have an idea of what you want to do contact our Regional Development Officers in the first instance. We can discuss and evaluate your ideas. We can introduce you to other Men’s Sheds to give you a good idea of what can be achieved.

The way to start a Shed as recommended by the Australian Men’s Shed Association is to call a public meeting and having discussed it decide as a group whether to go ahead. A committee is formed at that meeting and meets perhaps monthly followed by a general meeting where the committee’s ideas are aired and offers of help sought from the wider group. Often the people calling the initial meeting will be an organisation willing to play a part in developing any subsequent Shed.

It can work that way but there are many other less formal models. Many men just want to get on and do something. From experience, that works.