Is there an outdoor area at your shed or in your community that needs some TLC? Apply for your free Garden Pack


Men’s Sheds Cymru have been talking with Jessie at Keep Wales Tidy and we’d like to let you know about their ‘free garden packs’. There is more information about how to apply below and Jessie has told us that’s she’s more than happy to help with your application for a free garden pack if needed. 

Transform an unloved area into a garden that will benefit both nature and your community.
Each free package includes native plants, tools and materials to make your garden beautiful. Keep Wales Tidy will handle all of the ordering and deliveries, and our project officers will turn up to provide support on the ground to help you create your new nature space. Our packages this year fall into three categories:

Starter packages – Keep Wales Tidy

Development packages – Keep Wales Tidy

Community Orchard – Keep Wales Tidy

You can contact Jessie by email at [email protected]

And if you do receive one of the packs we’d love to hear from you and see what you’ve done with it.

Men’s Sheds Cymru Team.