Bob Ogmore Valley

Men’s Shed Cymru talk about shedders

Over the weekend we were inspired by some Facebook posts from David T Harris and the Mens Shed Treorchy Community.

Dave shared some bio’s of their shed members.

So this week, we’ve decided the Men’s Shed Team will share one of their favourite stories about a shedder we have

(this is so tough, as there has been so many wonderful stories along the way, it’s impossible to pick one…)

Here’s a story from Ben North

”In early June 2008, we meet Bob in the Ogmore Valley Shed.

Bob lived directly opposite the Shed, and had seen the progress of the space being converted, but was always to nervous to come across the road and join in.

One afternoon, Bob’s daughter walked him into the shed, and introduced him to the group. He stayed for about 10 minutes then disappeared.

We thought, it was a good introduction to the Shed and maybe he would come back in a few weeks time.

10 minutes later, Bob reappeared with a Sainsbury’s bag full of the most amazing oil paintings we’d ever seen.

For many years Bob ran the local pet shop, and was involved in many different groups within the valley before retiring.

Bob fully embraced the Shed for the last 6 months of his life, and gave as much from the Shed as he took.”

Bobs Painting

Bob from Ogmore Valley Men’s Shed

Bobs paintings hanging in the shed