Men’s Sheds Cymru Moves To A New Home

For over eight years, we have been delighted to be a part of Men’s Shed Cymru’s journey as they have supported the start-up of Men’s Shed’s around Wales that are attended by hundreds of Members. During this time 1000’s of friendships have been built, communities have been created and there have been numerous achievements including a Men’s Shed Opera and A BAFTA Nominated short film, the Nest.

At the end of May the Men’s Sheds project came to an end, however we are thrilled to announce that the Men’s Sheds Cymru brand is being acquired by UKMSA who will continue the focus on supporting and developing Men’s Sheds in Wales. You can read the full Joint letter from Stori Cymru, Men’s Sheds Cymru and UK Men’s Sheds Association here.

Stori will always be around to offer support and are very proud of the achievements of the Men’s Sheds Cymru project and believe that the project will flourish into the future.