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BBC Headroom – Check it out

The BBC has launched an online toolkit to help improve mental health. Lots of useful information, tips, stories and motivation #wellbeing #mensshedscymru #headroom #toolkit

Men’s Shed and Swansea Opera

In the July issue of your newsletter you may remember reading about Swansea City Opera asking you to get in touch and tell us your stories, so that we could create a pilot piece for the opera we are writing about Men’s Sheds Cymru and the great work it is doing Well, we’ve completed the […]

The call of the ocean – virtual seaside stroll…

Research has shown that being by the seaside can benefit our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Lorna Bointon, from the Sea Watch Foundation has written a description of a much loved trip to the coast.. #Wellbeing #Mensshedscymru #Mindfulness

Free Virtual Zoo Day!

Why not take a virtual Zoo tour this Friday with the brilliant staff at Chester? #Stayathome #wellbeing #Mensshedscymru

Men's Sheds Cymru

During the current Covid-19 crisis Hafan Cymru offices are closed. To call or email please use the information on our Contact Us page.