‘Shed Happens’ radio shows – a message from Patrick Abrahams Frome Shed

Hi All …..We have produced 9 shows since March 25th, we originally aimed for between 4 to 8 shows, and are now taking a break !

You can see details on all the shows so far at:- https://www.hugofox.com/community/shed-happens—even-if-you-re-self-isolating-17757/programme-schedule/

This page gives links to the Show Page for each episode and to where you can “Listen again”. The show pages detail more information about each show, as well as photographs, useful links and music tracks. Scroll to bottom of the page to see a summary of Feedback received, as well as listen to the 60 second trailers for each show.

……..We will be back in touch if we resume broadcasting !

Stay in touch, connected and safe !

Best wishes
Thanks & Regards