Covid-19 Help For Unlocking Your Shed

** Latest guidance issued on 30 July 2020 (updated 23 November 2020) on the reopening and safe use of multi-purpose community centres. **

Across Wales and the rest of the UK Shedders are asking, when can we re-open and what will we need to put in place?

Men’s Sheds Cymru in partnership with UK Men’s Sheds Association and a number of ‘Sheds’ have produced a document that will hopefully help you with your thought process and what you may want to consider when opening your Shed.

We fully understand the dilemma for Sheds and Shedders and we hope you follow the suggestions until such time that it is both legal and safe to open your Shed. As we receive more information or ideas from Sheds and partners we will update this document here on the Men’s Sheds Cymru website.

Stay safe!

Unlocking the Shed should be a useful supplement to the guidance from Public Health Wales and The Welsh Government. Click the boxes below to download resource packs.