Welsh Language Policy

Welsh Language Policy

Men’s Shed Cymru regards the Welsh and English languages with equal importance and believes that all who make contact the organisation have the right to do so in Welsh or English, whichever is their chosen language.

This policy operates in conjunction with Men’s Shed Cymru’s Equal Opportunities, Disciplinary and Grievance and Recruitment and Selection policies.

Publicity and promotional material

Events organised by Men’s Shed Cymru will be advertised and promoted bilingually. Bookings for events at the Guildhall will be advertised and promoted in the language in which the material is supplied by the hirer.

Although Men’s Shed Cymru will endeavour to provide all printed materials bilingually, we will consider environmental impact and may make judgements on whether to provide material in whichever language is appropriate. In this case, people will be asked to specify in which language they would prefer to receive material.

All vacancies will be advertised bilingually

Where Men’s Shed Cymru works in partnership with other organisations it will act in accordance with its own Welsh language policy and will encourage its partners to work bilingually.

Press notices

Men’s Shed Cymru’s press notices and media releases will be issued in accordance with the language of publication.

Written correspondence

Men’s Shed Cymru welcomes written correspondence in Welsh or English and the response will be made in the language of the original correspondence. Where the correspondence is bilingual the reply will be made in the language choice of the member of staff.

Correspondence with individuals or specific groups may be bilingual or in the language Men’s Shed Cymru believes is preferred by the recipient.

Corresponding through the medium of Welsh will not lead to delay.

Verbal communication

Visitors or callers to the organisation will be greeted in the preferred language of the member of staff but enquiries in Welsh or English will be welcomed. Procedures are in place to ensure that calls received in Welsh are dealt with effectively in Welsh.

Staff will be encouraged to use Welsh and Men’s Shed Cymru will encourage and support staff who wish to improve their language skills.

Corporate identity

Men’s Shed Cymru is committed to upholding its bilingual public image and corporate identity. This includes its address, logo, visual identity and any other standard information used on stationery, e.mails, websites, publicity materials, etc.


Men’s Shed Cymru’s websites will be bilingual except where content has been provided by an outside agency. This may be in Welsh or English only although contributors will be encouraged to submit information bilingually.