Zoom Room Catch Up

Brendan Wheatley – Director of Swansea City Opera

Brendan Wheatley is the Artistic Director of Swansea City Opera, and the librettist of the Men’s Sheds Opera. The Men’s Sheds Opera is a project that has been developing over the last several months, some of you will have been working with Brendan and the team to identify relevant stories and creative themes.

For others this may be the first you have heard of the idea. Brendan will be joining us in the Zoom Room to give us a bit of background to the Swansea City Opera Company, talk about their previous productions and new works, but mainly he will be talking us through the process of creating the Men’s Sheds Opera, and about what the future might hold for the production.

Plenty to hear about and plenty to talk about. We hope you will join us if you are one of the men that have been involved in sharing stories for this show, we’d love to hear your perspective too.

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What is the Zoom Room?

In recent years the Men’s Shed movement has played a significant role in helping men to counteract or avoid the detrimental effects of isolation and loneliness. Sheds have provided an opportunity for men to get together and to engage in some practical pursuits. We know the making and mending, building and growing are a really important part of what happens in a shed, but we also know how important it is to get together with others, to see and hear what they are interested in, and to share ideas.

 We can’t help with the making, and the growing at the moment. Lockdown is here, it is real and it is important, but we are trying to find ways that we can still get together, have a bit of chat and a shared experience. This is why Men’s Sheds Cymru are opening a new, virtual shed. We are calling it the ZOOM ROOM and everyone is welcome.