Welcome to Men’s Sheds Cymru

Who we are

Men’s Sheds Cymru introduced and now drives forward the Men’s Sheds movement in Wales. Men’s Sheds is an internationally recognised and successful concept for establishing community groups specifically around the needs of men.

What we do

We support members “Shedders,” help establish independent community Men’s Sheds, and take an active role in advocating for the needs of men in Wales.

Why we do it

It’s all about wellbeing. As a gender, men do not tend to form the same support networks and groups as women, and traditionally men in Wales have talked and socialised at the local pub, or during sports activities. Life presents many challenges; retirement, unemployment, physical or mental ill health - men can often find themselves with time on their hands, become socially isolated or lonely. Men’s Sheds Cymru offers a ‘health by stealth’ approach, encouraging friendships, community and service networks through the formation and support for a men’s shed. The inclusive ethos we promote offers ‘Shedders’ a sense of belonging, acceptance and fellowship experienced ‘shoulder to shoulder’ through shared activities.