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Newsletter – October 2020 – Issue 6

Here is the latest issue of the Shared Times – October 2020 – issue 6 Shared Times is a newsletter produced by the the Men’s Sheds Cymru Project Team for the shed network in Wales and around the world. During 2019, the Men’s Sheds Cymru Project recieved a lot of feedback from shedders across Wales, […]

Zoom Room – Burns Prevention Awareness

Men’s Sheds Cymru are proud to present Morriston Hospital & Cardiff University Burns Prevention 29th September 2020 1400 Cardiff University in partnership with Morriston Hospital burns unit – sharing some thoughts on protecting ourselves in our own homes. This is not just a home safety show, they want to hear your thoughts and get some […]

Zoom Room – Richard Keen

Men’s Sheds Cymru are proud to present Richard Keen Our industrial heritage: a brief glimpse 13th October 2020 1100AM An illustrated talk on the industrial history of Wales. It’s all about steel, coal and gold, and perhaps we’ll find out where the ukulele and dulcimer fit in the story too. Don’t Miss Out Rigister Now […]

Zoom Room Catch Up – Marilyn & Rafi – Asylum Seeker & Refugee Awareness

Rafi and Marilyn join us in the Zoom Room to share their personal life experiences of being refugees in Wales. Marilyn came to the UK from Uganda in 2009. She recalls childhood memories of fleeing South Sudan to escape military cruelty under the reign of Idi Amin, and the ensuing war after he was overthrown. […]