There are a range of sheds engaging in such activities as woodworking, gardening, photography, music making and even lunch making. Two things that sheds in Wales, in fact sheds across the world, have in common are the kettle and conversation. For some men their shed session is a genuine lifeline, and the social interaction they get at the shed has made immeasurable improvements to their lives.

Things were going so well tackling social isolation and loneliness in Wales, one shed at a time, and then there was COVID 19, and then there was social distancing.

How on earth do you tackle social isolation during a time of social distancing? It has been a challenge even for those of us with strong family and friend connections, but for some shed members lock-down is a frightening return to loneliness; perhaps even intensified by the loss of recently discovered camaraderie.

So join Men’s Sheds Cymru in our ‘virtual sheds’. We will invite a series of guest speakers to our Zoom-room virtual shed, to give a short presentation about their work or interest, and then to hold a question and answer or discussion session.

Men’s Sheds Cymru are reaching out to all sorts of different people with specialist knowledge, we would like our guest speakers to be crafts people, carpenters, cabinet makers, artists, musicians, historians, engineers, vintage car restorers, gardeners. This list is a work in progress, so please feel free to imagine yourself included; suggestions welcome.

The presentations our guests give could take a number of different forms. They might include a virtual walk around a workshop, or a demonstration of wood-turning, carving, or similar. They might include the sharing of pictures, or just a spoken presentation about whatever their special interest is. We are very open to suggestions and would like speakers to interpret the brief as they see best.

So here is the request: Do you have a specialist skill or interest that might be interesting to a small group of men? Would you be willing to give an hour or so of your time to share an insight into your world? If you do, and if this sounds even a little bit interesting to you, then please get in touch.

Contact us at [email protected]