It is difficult for one person to set up a Shed by themselves. You will need willing volunteer members who are able to dedicate their time over the long or short- term. This may consist of people from your local community, friends or family. Your members are your key assets; they bring the skills, knowledge and resources that are needed to develop and run a Men’s Shed. The equal input of all members is essential, especially in the beginning stages of development (i.e. deciding on premises and activities). This is to ensure that your organisation isn’t too ‘top down’ or hierarchical.


To represent the Shed as a main point of contact, ensure that meetings are well organised and chaired, guiding the committee and the running and development of the Shed.

Skills required: Good listener, competent speaker, confident.


To support the chair in their role and stand in where necessary. This person may also take over as the next chairperson when succession planning.

Skills required: Good listener, competent speaker, confident.


To organise meetings, write agendas, take minutes, ensure the committee are informed of meetings dates and to deal with committee correspondence. To monitor membership and keep lists up to date, taking enquiries from new members.

Skills required: Well organised, good communications skills and able to meet deadlines. Competent in IT (i.e. online social media).


To ensure the smooth running of Shed finances, to monitor income and expenditure, maintain financial records, manage budgets and provide financial reports to the committee.

Skills required: Financially literate, good with numbers, attention to detail.


Although all people in Sheds are equal, it can be important to have some form of leadership and decision making processes in place. To help with the smooth running of your Shed you may decide to form a committee, which is also usually made up of key members with useful skills and knowledge.

When forming a committee, succession planning is vital so that the same people are not overburdened. You must also consider that committee members may need to be replaced unexpectedly due to poor health or other obligations.

Men’s Sheds are well known for their ‘by the men for the men’ ethos, so it is important to remember that non-committee members also play a vital role in decision making. Everyone is equal and you are all working together for a common purpose.

‘Even though we have a working committee, everybody’s on a level playing when you walk through that door’ (Men’s Shed member)

The aim is to make sure that all members feel included, listened to and have a safe space to share their experiences and knowledge.