Emma Newrick – Newport Transporter Bridge

The Newport Transporter Bridge has dominated Newport’s skyline for 114 years, but why was it built and what does its future hold? Discover the stories of the men who designed the bridge, who built the bridge, the people who used it and the exciting plans for the redevelopment. Using archival images, footage and oral histories project Officer Emma Newrick will take us on a journey through time and over the river Usk.

Allan Sheirs – Harp Maker

Come and spend some time in the company of master harp maker. Allan Sheirs, as he shows us around the first concert harp he made, 40 years ago, and talks about how his design and manufacturing process has developed over the year. Listen to his story and listen to him talk about his lifetimes work with wood, and metal making harps.

Simon Brock – Clog Maker

Session two, guest speaker Simon Brock, continuing the tradition of wifely camera-person assistance, thanks to Catherine. Simon had prepared a real treat for us. In true Blue Peter style (here’s one I made earlier), Simon walked us through the clog making process, step by step. That’s it, I’m all out of footwear puns.

Find out more about Simons Clogs here

Hugh Dunford-Wood – Wallpaper Maker

Hugh Dunford-Wood is an experienced artist, sculptor and designer, with a broad range of experiences. Find out more about his paintings, sculptors and wallpaper!

Hugh went to The Ruskin School of Art in Oxford and has been Artist in Residence with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Find out more about Hugh here

Liz Pearson – Wood Turner

Come and join us in the Zoom room to meet Liz Pearson, Wood-turner arts and crafts advocate, whose passion for turning is matched by her passion for the wood itself.

Natural materials and long lasting products are the qualities that inspired Liz to re-route her original career path and destined her to a life in the workshop Let’s have a look at that workshop and have a listen to what Liz has to say about it all.

Find out more about Liz here

Marilyn & Rafi – Asylum Seeker & Refugee Awareness

Rafi and Marilyn join us in the Zoom Room to share their personal life experiences of being refugees in Wales.

Marilyn and Rafi have both raised families in Blaenau Gwent. They are passionate about the communities they live in, giving voice to the experiences of refugees living in the UK and the positive contribution refugees and asylum seekers can make to their new homes.

Richard Keen – the Industrial Heritage of Wales

Local historian, Richard Keen, talks us through the industrial heritage of Wales. Illustrated with pictures, photographs and personal stories collected over a lifetime working in the field. This is a fascinating talk, well worth having a look at.

Steff Griffiths – Playlist for Life

Playlist for life help family members put together collections of songs that will help prompt positive memories for people living with dementia. The process is fascinating and fun.

Axminster Power Tools – Back to the Grindstone

Dave from Axminster Power Tools, Cardiff store, walks and talks us around the in-store sharpening station. Lots of information about the tools, equipment, jigs, grit grades and tips and tricks that will help you get and keep a good edge.