Men’s Sheds Cymru Update – April 2021

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re coping in these challenging times.

With the current, gradual easing of restrictions across Wales, it’s understandable that many groups are considering how to open and resume activities.

Obviously, there are Welsh Assembly regulations regarding who/how many people can meet up where, and under what conditions, but, in spite of various confusions and anxieties, some Sheds that have open spaces have already been considering the possibilities and planning accordingly.

Those that have indoor space are closely monitoring any directives about group indoor meetings.

There is also the question about vaccines and vaccination passports to consider.

Some groups have already made the decision that they will require members to have received both “jabs” before feeling comfortable about reconvening, obviously this is particularly pertinent to those Sheds whose demographic meets the over 50’s category and not so clear to Sheds whose members may not have yet received either one or both their Covid vaccinations

Currently under the Hafan Cymru Health and Safety Policy, the members of the Men’s Sheds Cymru Team have been restricted to working from home until the end of April and only engaging in any meetings over the last couple of weeks under strict Risk assessment conditions.

At present not all of our team have received both vaccinations and with Sheds considering how and when to reopen, we are very aware of the anxieties of groups as to who /how they will welcome back and so, respecting these concerns we are more than happy to await Sheds own policies as to how they wish to proceed regarding visits from the team.

If you would like to talk to us about reopening you shed or anything else, contact us at [email protected] or you can join us on a Zoom call every Tuesday or Thursday.

We look forward to seeing you really soon,

Men’s Sheds Cymru